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Best Online Attendance Management Systems and Tools

Finding the best Attendance Management Software for your business is now faster and easier! Compare prices, reviews, features, and get free consultation to find the perfect software.

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What is Time and Attendance Management Software?

Time management software is always a crucial parameter for measuring the productivity of employees in any organization. Modern-day offices need a foolproof, automated attendance management system that helps them in measuring individual performance of employees and thus, in calculating overhead costs. Time and Online Attendance Management System Software has replaced traditional attendance and leave management method by automating the process and directly storing attendance information on a central database.

Time management software is a specially designed application developed to capture employee attendance in real-time, manage leaves and prepare customized reports. An advanced level attendance management application must perform the following tasks.

  • Simple attendance registration: Track attendance registration of all employees in your organization from a simple attendance registration interface of the attendance tracking software. Ensure accuracy and compliance through an easily manageable application and leverage transparency and maintain workflow.
  • Overtime management: Maintain proper record of employees working extra hours. This helps in managing both finances and human resource management. The time tracking software would offer insight on task distribution and help to maintain compliance with overtime laws.
  • Leave management: Leaves allotted, applied, approved and denied; all managed through a single platform. Registered users can track, check and apply for time-off from its interactive self-service interface.
  • Real-time reporting: Most attendance management applications now allow data capturing in real-time. You can now view or demand reports whenever required. Most vendors would also allow customized reporting and scalability according to your business requirements.
  • Controlled accessibility: Rights can be reserved for viewing, entering, modifying or deleting data to certain users, based on his/her position in the organization hierarchy. The log maintenance system will maintain detailed logs on modified data and will make information available to the reporting module.

Timesheet management  and attendance management software has become an essential business tool for modern organizations with disperse workforce. Simple front-end UI (user interface) allows employees to manage their own attendance.

How Time and Attendance Management Software can Benefit your Business?

Benefits of time and best attendance management software is multidimensional since it helps in streamlining operational and management process by automating employee attendance process in a disperse work environment. Since most organizations now work with teams located in different time zones a central employee time tracking attendance software and timesheet management software is the demand of the time. The traditional, manual online attendance management system software was cumbersome and offered no guarantee of accuracy. On the other hand, modern, advanced time and attendance software, using real-time attendance tracker, captures real-time data and offers customized reporting solution. It is smart and hassle-free and also allows you to meet compliance with labor and overtime laws.

The benefits offered by a modern attendance management application are numerous. Contrary to popular belief, i.e. only large organizations benefit from automation, even small and medium-sized businesses too can leverage the benefits of an automated attendance register system. Several vendors nowadays offer extensively customized versions of their primary product to suit specific business needs of customers. Special modules can be designed or those not required, can be omitted to make the product suitable and budget friendly.

Best attendance management software streamlines and automates the operational process and makes the work of human resource managers easier. Through a user-friendly interface, users can directly login to their respective accounts to update attendance, check leave status and apply, register overtime and more.

The reporting module in most such application is comprehensive and cohesive, which means consolidated reports can be generated on a real-time basis. Both pre-defined and customizable report templates are available to generate reports for specific purposes.

Time and attendance management software helps reducing overhead expenses by offering insight to measure employee productivity. Simultaneously it also helps with attaining labor law compliance and auditing. The success of such an application, however, depends on the right selection. It is therefore important that one must perform market research and get comparative reviews of a couple of similar software before selecting the one suitable for his intrinsic needs and budget.

Important Features of a Time and Attendance Software

Attendance software has become an important tool for the management of any organization to keep track of employee activities and productivity to optimize cash flow and minimize waste. Timesheet management system helps with monitoring employee performance and payroll software by offering insight into company hierarchy structure. Time management software can turn into a formidable business tool for management. A time and attendance management software suite can generate, manage and maintain records on payrolls and taxes that are required during auditing. An attendance management system software can keep track of employee attendance, work assigned, leaves, overtime and more from a single, integrated platform. Efficient attendance management software should be scalable and adaptive to the changing business requirement of the user.

Below we have listed important features of timesheet management and attendance management software to help users find a suitable one from the myriad options available.

  • Attendance management: These applications offer a user interface with a login option where users can register their attendance themselves. It will use live employee attendance tracker to maintain a complete log of employee attendance for each employee and maintain records for reporting and future references.
  • Leave management: Through the user interface, employees can check the number of leaves allotted to them; as well as apply and keep track of time-off granted or denied. On the other hand, this report becomes useful for the employee attendance management system software while calculating salary and taxes.
  • Overtime calculation: If employees are working extra then proper overtime log needs to be maintained. Most attendance system would allow maintaining records for extra hours put forth by employees.
  • Reporting and compliance: Time and attendance software are designed as per government labor laws to help organizations meet regulation compliances without hassle. The reporting suit helps to generate standard reports and can also be customized to prepare specialized reports as per the intrinsic requirements of the organization.

Another important feature that one must check while opting for an automated time attendance management system software is scalability. There are now both locally and cloud hosted solutions available. The later options also allow you to save big on licensing and managing software application, while you can continue enjoying uninterrupted service. The third-party hosted option is more suitable if you are looking to cut back on your IT expenses. There are also customizable applications available that can be designed as per your organization size. While deciding to invest in time tracking software & attendance management software perform thorough market research before you opt for one. A timesheet software listing a review website can be your best option regarding it.

Software Related to Attendance Software

There are different types of time and attendance related software available in the market. Since the transfer of data is very easy and instantaneous using these systems, therefore they can flawlessly import the details into your personal tracking systems.

Some of the time and attendance systems are stated below:

  1. Biometric: Biometric attendance system uses unique features of employees that cannot be replicated, to track attendance. These include eyes, fingerprint, face, etc. The employees are recognized via distinctive handprint or fingerprint. There are various systems which even make use of face recognition software and eye scanning system.
  2. Interactive voice response: This type of system is principally used in big companies where the employees have to work in the field or in the secluded locations. In this, the employees just have to clock in by calling in over a cell phone.
  3. Time card: One of the most affordable options which are even the latest and a high-tech version of the mechanical punch clock is the time card. Time cards are of the size as that of a credit card. Each employee at a workplace is issued a time card which they can swipe on a card machine which looks likes a credit card machine. The data is then automatically transferred and then a computer generated timesheet is produced. The only drawback in this system is that it is very easy for anyone to swipe any co-workers card.
  4. Web-based login stations: This type of system is most appropriate for places where employees work only on their devices like personal computer or laptops. In this system, a static IP address is elicited each time an employee logs in to his/her device thereby registering a digital punch in.

How Can Attendance Management System Integrated with Payroll Software help you?

Every company’s HR team has to accomplish multifaceted tasks like recruitment of employees, maintaining their performance records, tracking their attendance, supervising compliance with the laws of the state and much more.

If you are planning to introduce a real-time and attendance software to your business, then be prepared to get praises from your HR team. After all, you’re just reducing their workload. With attendance system, you automate some of their tasks, thus helping them in getting more time for other important tasks. Furthermore, with the integration of Attendance Software with Payroll Software, the HR team is further empowered to manage two processes simultaneously.

Attendance Management System Integrated Payroll Software can help your business in several ways. Some of its advantages have been listed below:

  • Time Saver: Your HR team spends a lot of time in processing the payroll. In fact, it includes regular checking of the clock-in and clock-out times, keeping a record of the employee’s overtime hours, paid leaves and day offs, which is a tedious task. If your HR team does even half of the work mentioned above every two weeks, then the team has been wasting a lot of time unnecessarily. Implementing an attendance management system that integrates payroll software in your organization means you are ensuring no more wastage of your HR team’s precious time. Not only time, but you’ll even save money.
  • Reduces Mistakes: Your HR team gets nightmares in case of any incorrect timekeeping. Once an employee will learn about this mistake, there will be a lot of fuss in the office. It might not just lead to legal matters, but the rest of your employees might lose their trust in your company which is not good for the business. Integrating payroll software with attendance management system assists you in reducing the probability of making mistakes in timekeeping.
  • Indulged workforce: You can imagine the quality of the work your employees are going to deliver if they are constantly thinking about whether they are going to get paid correctly and fairly. This also means that your staff doesn’t have faith in the attendance system. It not only affects productivity but also influences the working spirit of the employees. They might not put extra efforts into their work anymore. Possessing a foolproof attendance software that integrates with payroll software can remove this burden from everybody’s mind. Your employees will feel important and your HR team will no longer get nightmares about ending up in jail due to the assignment of incorrect payments to the employees.

Potential Issues with Attendance Management Software

It has been found that over 70% of companies use an attendance tracker to keep an eye on their employee’s presence at work. The idea behind the companies buying the attendance software is the fact that they believe their investment will yield them the returns within a year or so. However, there are some issues that companies face with the attendance management software.

These are stated below:

  1. Lack of plan: Lack of a plan is a big problem. The employers think that the implementation of attendance management software alone will decrease the absent ratio of the employees. This will in turn, exponentially enhance the productivity levels and facilitate management of associated costs. However, along with software implementation, having a good plan is a must. The employers need to analyze the reason for the absenteeism and take requisite steps and motivate the employees to come to the office.
  2. Power outages: Problems like power outages might as well influence the fact that the employees are not able to log in to the systems and record their entry and exit time in the attendance system. This will ruin the whole purpose of the employee attendance management system.
  3. Poor administration: Poor administration is one budding issue with attendance management software. In some organizations, the managers are aware of their duties of attendance tracking with attendance tracking software. Conversely, they don’t have guidance tools so as to perform important tasks. These tools are important since they keep a record of the metric and also help in collecting necessary information very efficiently.
  4. Inappropriate Implementation of Policy: Despite the availability of attendance management system, sometimes the various pay policies of the companies are implemented in the wrong way. This can put the company in a tight spot as it might lead to the time-consuming creation of paychecks or even legal issues.
  5. Acceptance: Staff members who are familiar with the manual timekeeping software system might think of the attendance tracker as a device used by the organization to cut off the employee’s salary to every possible extent. Once other employees also start believing in the same, there are chances of rebelling against the company by the workers.
  6. Reliance on third-party organizations: Many times, the involvement of other organizations hinder the process of addressing attendance problems. This is due to the fact that the insurers sway employers to depend on their decision. Although, the input is not all the time true and it may be in contradiction to your organization’s policies.

As the name suggests attendance software is a business-oriented application aimed to track the working days and hours spent by employees on the job and also maintain the records of salaries and wages remunerated to the employees. Additionally, they can also deliver discernments of your operations like which chores are taking most of your staff’s time and costing a lot of money. Attendance and time software offers management recruits with various tools to enhance cash flow and reducing the extent of wastage. The application can generate, archive and maintain significant payroll and information of taxes. A prominent attendance and time software suit will keep on work appropriately as an organization advances. If you own a company with a number of employees than having an attendance software will prove as a boon to uplift your company at a higher rate.

Some Unexpected Benefits of Attendance Tracking Software

  1. Streamline payroll:  In the modern developed world where everything is being simplified and automatic, employees do not require to write out on the attendance sheet. Managers and supervisors do not require to keep and carry out the attendance sheets anymore to evaluate how many hours every member of staff has worked or has taken for leave or vacation. The attendance management software with its time tracking function handles everything properly. The software organization also computes the number of working hours of an employee and assesses their salary and any tax deductions automatically. This diminishes the errors that individuals make when they have to compute some information.
  2. Boosts employee satisfaction: Initially, you may face groan from your workers about swapping to a contemporary system, their dissent will quickly be abandoned when they learn how convenient it is to operate attendance and time software. They will be pleased by the efficient and automated structure for computing their payment without any human error and eventually they will like the access which enables them to review up to the minute information about how much vacation time or leave they have taken and how much they still are having to burn.
  3. Prevention of tax issues: Attendance software is greatly helpful during the time of tax-pay. When the time and attendance system work with the tax filing software, payroll system uploads the figures automatically. If your organization is taking help of a tax advisor, the system assists him to create electronic and paper reports which can be used by the advisor to formulate the company’s taxes.
  4. It averts lawsuits: The digitally stored records of your corporation’s employees offered by the software of attendance tracking provide you a confirmation to proof you remunerated an employee in case he files litigation.
  5. Precise time tracking: Blue-collar timesheets are prone to humanoid errors. Hard to decipher handwriting can cause to inaccurate pays being recorded. If well ahead challenged by the member of staff, time must then be allocated to correct the employee’s salary once the pay period has passed. Some workers may misuse the blue-collar system by “thieving the time” and by registering improperly in or out hours. Attendance and time software eradicates time theft and diminishes human blunders by depending on data accumulated when employees clock in or out over a protected web browser, through a mobile app on their mobile phones or with the help of an electric biometric time clock.
  6. Lessen paper usage: For enterprises anticipating for green initiatives or that desire to save valuable time and floor space, attendance software can aid. Instead of numerous punch cards, expense record and time sheets that require to be stored in massive filing dressers, all of the data can be saved in a database based on cloud technology, conveniently accessible through wireless or computer devices.

How to Use Time Tracking Software As an Attendance Management Software?

In the present hectic work environment, several managers and CEOs opt to use various software to increase employees output and consequently, aid the corporate work better and bring greater profits. However, sometimes strive to implement greater tools than your organization actually requires may turn out more chaos than discipline, so for simplicity, it is good to use the least number of software but how this can be done? How to use time tracking software as an attendance management software? Yes, of course, it is possible to use time tracking software as an attendance Management software! And it can be done by using tools like Kronos, TimeCamp, GreytHR etc. But how can a time tracking software assist you exactly in managing attendance of your company’s employee? Here is a brief and straightforward overview:

  • Such tools track all activities of employees
  • The desktop-based software runs automatically in the backend without interrupting your team
  • All the data synchronizes through the cloud on the system’s server
  • Every individual activity, vacation, time off is present in the reports.

At the completion of the day, month or week, you can examine your employees’ attendance by viewing their deeds. All the reports presented by the applications show you accurate time during which workers signed in and out of the system, or when they turned on or off the app. If everything is going well and did they really disbursed their time on work. Furthermore, you cannot only analyze their presence but also can get updates on the status of projects and on potential backlogs of your team.

Integrating an attendance management system into a time tracking system is a tremendous way of facilitating work and eliminating the extra work associated with the use of distinctive tools. It is also an effectual way of enhancing employees’ competence. Integrations are significant because it enables you to sync the time tracking software with data from other applications that are already being used by your company. So it is a great notion to go for software that provides integration with all the packages that are currently being used for accounting, content management, CRM, project management, ERP and payroll.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • The best way to track employee attendance is by using attendance tracking software.
  • An attendance management system is a technique of keeping track of your employees’ working hours. You can do that by using tracking software, spreadsheets, punching time cards, and more.
  • The main difference between on-premise and cloud attendance software is how the software is deployed. On-premise software is installed on personal servers. Whereas, cloud software is deployed on the servers owned by the vendor. Cloud-based software can be accessed from any device using an internet connection.
  • Both on-premise and cloud attendance software has its pros and cons. Whether you should opt for an on-premises or hosted solution, it depends on specific business needs.
    • Here are some upcoming technologies that are included in most attendance management solutions
    • Biometric technology
    • Facial recognition
    • Web-based login stations
    • Interactive voice response
    • Timecard management
  • Yes, most service providers ensure that attendance management solutions can integrate easily with HR software such as payroll software. This helps in the export of data, hence reduces the manual and administrative work.
    • Here are some issues that you may face with attendance management software
    • Power disruption
    • Poor administration
    • Lack of user acceptance
    • Reliance on third-party service providers
  • While you may choose to go for a ready-to-use solution for quick implementation, it is very much possible for service providers to customize and build attendance management software for your diverse business needs. A complete assessment of your organization will be conducted; following which service provider will give you a timeframe within which your solution will be implemented.
  • Keka HR Platform, the integrated real-time attendance management software, is considered to be one of the best and includes some impressive features.
  • There is a specific kind of Attendance tracking software designed which serves employers whose employees work from home. It manages and track remote employees and also looks after their pay-slips.

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