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Best Assessment and examination software | Features and Reviews

Finding the best Assessment & Examination Software for your business is now faster and easier! Compare prices, reviews, features, and get free consultation to find the perfect software.

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What is the Assessment and Examination Software?

1. Assessment Software:

Assessment software incorporates all those questions which are particularly designed for an organization for assessing a candidate on a role that would lead to the success of an organization.

There are some assessments which would measure the personality traits of a candidate or the criteria of how one can be a cultural fit with the organization. While the other kind of assessments through assessment software put emphasis on the skills or analytical knowledge.

Assessment software provides the instructors with the format for writing the questions and answers which allows the candidates to take the tests through web portals. After the completion of assessments, the assessment software gives the scores.

Assessment software can be used as an independent tool but it works together with the other types of educational software such as Learning Management System (LMS) and Student Information System (SIS).

In short, an assessment software for the employees refers to an application program that helps an organization in deciding whether a candidate is suited for an open position or not and would add to the success of an organization.

2. Examination Software:

Examination Software is designed in a manner to test a candidate’s caliber through conducting various tests in a safe and secure environment which would help in the avoidance of any kind of cheating.

The examination software is a test management software so as to create and conduct exams online. User-friendliness, powerful and reasonable are some of the advantages of the examination software. Hiring of invigilators so as to keep a check on students is not required in case of online examination software. The hassle of checking the exams manually is done away with as examination software takes care of it and assigns the scores.

How does an Online Examination System Work?

1. Search for an online examination software

To make an online examination system work, you would require an online examination software which can be found from the internet and choose among the various online examination system available. Make sure it is a user-friendly one for creating an online exam.

2. Setting up the exam

To get started with the best online exam software, you choose by writing an introduction. This introduction can include the expectations of participants from your online examination. This is followed by adding multiple-choice or fill in the blanks questions along with an image, video or an audio piece to make it more interesting.

After you have made the exam, an explanation of the answers will be shown. The time limit is set by the creator with respect to the whole exam or as per the questions.

3. Sharing of the exam

The creator has the liberty to decide the start date and the end date which would definitely include hours for the participants who have an access to the exam. After creation of the exam, the URL of the exam link is shared so that participants can click on the link that will lead them to the exam.

4. Appraise and track the progress

Once the participants are done with the online exam, the creator will be able to assess the progress of the participants. The creator can view the group performance or statistics as per user.

examination software work

Must-Have Features of the Best Assessment Software and Best Online Exam Software

Features of the best assessment software are as follows:

1. Appraisal made easy:

The tiresome tasks of evaluation and grading are made easy and busy schedules are looked into with the help of assessment software. The tests are taken by users from any place. Also, these tests are prepared with minimum efforts.

2. Tailor-made and interactive interface:

The assessment software is up to date with graphics solutions being interactive along with an interface which helps in navigation. The assessment software acts as a universal one because it alleviates the assessment techniques which are traditional so as to have better efficiency levels.

3. Eradication of fraud and deception:

This software ensures that different sets of question papers are provided to the users so as to eliminate the chances of occurrence of fraud and cheating to take place. The timely analysis serves the one-time assessment in the best possible manner and ensures evaluation to take place with the utmost efficiency.

4. Paper wastage is minimized:

Since everything in the assessment software is digitalized, a large bulk of paper wastage is reduced. The results obtained are optimized for the future and takes green objectives into consideration.

5. Preparation time is reduced:

With the assessment software, the preparation time required to set up questions in the initial stages is reduced. The questions are incorporated into other topics for a similar assessment. Once the initial set up is done properly, subsequent tests require less time and in this way, a lot of effort is reduced on part of the business organization.

6. Learning is enhanced:

Such an assessment software is specialized in building assessment solutions which are undoubtedly very interactive and helps a great deal in the learning process. The elements which the online assessment software consists of are the discussions, collaborative activities, quizzes, and blogs and so on. The accurate mappings and geographical descriptions make such an assessment software well equipped.

features of examination software

More Features of the best online exam software to look forward:

  • A single server is used to deploy online exam software.

  • It is proficient enough to handle simultaneous users so as to attend the test.

  • The security system of an online exam software is built in such a way so that the exams and the questions are all secured.

  • Organizing group tests or tests for individual students is an option considered by the online exam software.

  • Conduct of evaluation and generation of reports automatically is another criteria taken into consideration by an online exam software.

  • It is built in such a manner that it provides a tool which would help in importing the bulk questions

  • Computer-based test (CBT) software tools are so readily available so as to provide aid in conducting exams whether they are online or offline

Why is Education Assessment Software Important?

In the production of educational reference software, since the mid-1990s, it has seen the involvement of many publishers of print dictionaries and encyclopedias. They were joined in by the startup companies and the established software publishers, Microsoft being the notable one.

The educational assessment software is of great importance:

1. Diagnostic feedback is provided:

Feedback here is given in terms of the students’ needs, knowledge and performance base.

2. Allow educators to set standards:

Standards are set when you get to know what type of performance substantiates understanding, mastery and knowledge.

3. Ease in taking tests online:

The main purpose of the best assessment software in terms of education is to allow students to complete the tests and examinations with the help of a computer. Each transcript is checked by the software and scores are given for each student.

4. The progress is evaluated:

The progress of the students is accessed and also the teaching methods and approaches are evaluated in terms of efficiency.
The user receives just a little learning over the modules or tests fed over the internet. But the server software makes a decision on what all learning material to be distributed, notes the results and exhibits the progress to the teaching faculty.

imoprtance of education software

How Talent Acquisition is Made Easy by Talent Assessment Software?

The three ingredients that the talent assessment software takes into consideration for making talent acquisition easy are as follows:

  • Hire Talent

  • Build talent

  • Lead talent

The pre-employment tests or talent assessment software which are used to recruit candidates definitely provides aid in reducing the time taken to hire a candidate. The talent assessment software takes into account to hire candidates who have the requisite skills for the relevant opening and would have a high likelihood of success on the job.

The talent assessment software provides flexibility in testing the candidates over a variety of skills with the help of a number of tests. The applicant’s crunching abilities are tested with the help of numerical tests. The logical reasoning tests the critical thinking and verbal reasoning tests are conducted to test the person’s comprehension ability. Some tests are also conducted to check the data analytical skills.

In the changing times

The talent assessment software makes the talent acquisition easy with the above-mentioned number of tests so as to ensure that the candidate with the right set of skills as per the job opening is hired.

The skill gaps for existing employees are an assessment by this online assessment software which set for the basis of tapping the best talent and then a strategy is devised so as to make them skillful and train them for future. Every organization with the help of talent assessment software gauges the technical talent in more than thirty-five programming languages. HackerEarth Platform is being used by top organizations like Barclays, SBI and so on to empower their tech team.

Things to Consider When Buying an Assessment and Examination Software

In today’s technology-driven and competitive scenario, every business organization and educational institutes are looking forward to enhancing their productivity by taking advantage of the benefits been offered by the world of software.

Below things should be taken into consideration before buying:

1. Strike a conversation with the existing clients:

Whenever you make a decision to buy an assessment and examination software, make sure you take the opinion of the clients who are already using this software before you make the purchase. Also, ask them in case of problems how often the vendor is available so as to fix the problems.

2. The software gives you the liberty to create and take tests with ease:

Every online examination software must have clearly written and well-defined FAQs which help the teachers and professors in conducting the test process easily. The assessment software should have the question bank available so as to help the recruiters in saving time in creating questions.
In case of assessors looking forward to using their own questions, the option of uploading excel file and other relevant features must be present in the software. The participants should be able to take tests easily with the help of a link which expires automatically. The credentials saved in the software could be updated anytime.

3. The software is scalable and ensures high response time:

The recruiters who are engaged in hiring candidates and the coaching institutes that conduct student test preparation gives importance to scalability. A good assessment and online examination software should not use much of your bandwidth and should require a computer with a broadband connection to conduct tests. The assessment and online examination system should be designed in a manner to take care of power failures and other mishaps.

4. Software should ensure online reporting and analysis:

The trainers in organizations and the teachers in educational institutions who check copies manually should be provided with the various options of reporting and analysis. After the tests are over, the scores should be given automatically with the help of software and simultaneously the candidates and the assessors can see the scores. The software should be able to generate a report on the basis of performance and give necessary feedback.

5. Software should have easy integration and configuration with the applications:

A good online exam system should be the one to be integrated seamlessly with the Information Management System and Learning Management System which teach the employees as well as the students.
The online exam system also ensures custom branding wherein your landing page can be configured to your company logo.

6. Constant operational, technical and customer support:

Before you make the purchase of assessment and online examination system, make sure there is constant support whether operational, technical or customer available in case of any problem with the software. A good software should be able to provide client support and should have a technical team working all year round to keep the software updated and compatible.

7. A free trial version of the software:

A good assessment and examination software should have a free trial version of the software so that you can use the software free of cost and when you decide to use the advanced features of the software then you pay for it.

Reasons to Invest in Employee Assessment Tools

In case you are working in-house with the internal employees or at a consulting firm with the outside clients, employee assessment should definitely be part of your toolkit.

Opening your mind to investing in employees will not only lead to motivated and engaged employees but also will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization.

1. The occurrence of Hiring Errors:

Many times the recruiters come across a situation when a candidate looks great on paper but doesn’t perform well once hired. This happens when the selection process is not optimal. Such hiring errors can be rectified with the use of employee assessment tools which would provide additional information so as to not commit hiring errors. Going on the candidate’s thinking structure and natural reflexes, the software would help the organization in eliminating the hiring errors.

2. Demotivated employees:

No matter the size of your organization, the industry you are in or the market you cater to, if your employees are demotivated then that is not a good sign. This doesn’t imply you are a bad manager, it just shows you are unaware of what motivates your employees. You should use an employee assessment tool in order to create a motivation assessment and identify what your workforce requires to remain motivated.

3. Low employee engagement:

The demotivated employees lead to low engagement of the employees. But sometimes even the motivated employees lead to the employees being unengaged. If your employees are motivated and engaged then your organization is on the right path to success. You should invest in employee assessment tools so to know how your workforce is built and after that, you can encourage the employee engagement. You may come across a situation where a change in organizational culture is required.

4. High Turnover Rate:

Many industries or some positions definitely have a high turnover rate than the others but keeping a track of it is important. High turnover rate definitely is not a good sign and you should consider investing in employee assessment tool which will not only lead you to the source of the problem but also help to resolve it.

Key Benefits of Using Skill Assessment Tools and Online Exam Platform

Some of the skills which are given preference when you are looking for a job or upgrading existing skills are:

  1. Accountability

  2. Adaptability

  3. Confidence

  4. Teamwork

  5. Time Management

Benefits of skill assessment tools are as follows:

  • Skill assessment tools help in accessing, tracking and supporting the development of skills which are helpful in employing a person. These tools form an important part of the Skill Assessment Software.

  • Clear assessment framework of definitions and exemplars is established by skill assessment tools.

  • Skill gaps and client’s self-awareness of the strengths are fostered

  • Clear and motivating progress reports are generated

  • Clear and motivating progress reports are generated

  • Facilitates the establishment of training programs for people facing obstacles in getting employment.

  • Assists employees in achieving the goal of real behavioural change.

Benefits of online exam platform are as follows:

1. Save paper and time:

The hassle of printing the exam questions on a sheet of paper is eliminated. This helps in saving time as students or employees will appear for the exam through the link and no need of giving the exam sheet physically. Online exam platform is fully automated and there is no requirement to check exam in case of multiple-choice questions as the online exam platform will take care of the hassle of checking.

2. Save money:

As you don’t have to buy paper for conducting the exam, just an exam link over the e-mail is sent. After all, email is free. You don’t need to hire anyone to invigilate the exam.

3. Save money:

Students don’t have to spend money and travel to a specific location to take the exam. Online exam platform provides the ease to take the exam from any place even if you are from a remote area.

4. Secure system:

A big question bank with a lot of questions fed in it is made. There is a random selection of questions by the students from the question bank. So it is actually of little use to share the questions asked.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • An online exam software helps you save time, money, and paper. Moreover, it is more secure as compared to a paper-based examination.
    However, it is susceptible to fraud – you need to ensure that your students take their exams on their own with nobody to check upon them.
    • 5 things you must take care of to eliminate the risks of cheating during online exams are:
    • Leverage Secure Browser technology
    • Make the most of Remote Proctoring
    • Have candidate authentication in place
    • Use Data Encryption
    • Keep Exam Timer
  • These days, you’ll find a variety of assessment software available on the market. Right from evaluating students’ performance to hiring job candidates, online assessment software can help you in the long run. Besides being user-friendly and time-saving, these applications help you assess the skills and share the results instantly.
    • Online Assessment software can be used across various industry verticals. This includes:
    • Attracting more website visitors
    • Strengthening visitor relations
    • Fitness Club Memberships
    • Identifying the right talent for a specific position in your organization
    • Determining students’ annual performance and much more
  • It is crucial to consider your organization’s budget, needs, and learning requirements before buying online examination software. Also, make sure it is easily accessible, reliable, user-friendly, scalable, and support multiple users across different locations.

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