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When you apply for a job, your resume isn't directly going to a recruiter or a hiring manager. Applicant Tracking Systems are processing it.

Applicant Tracking System software is an application that organizes and sorts of job applicants. It simplifies the recruitment process by providing a centralized platform. Here, a recruiter can view the applicants and track their progress through the hiring process. He can also filter them based on their qualifications. Many ATS systems are accessible online.

The candidate applicant tracking system came into the role when employers required dealing with numerous pointless resumes.

Top ATS Systme let you search for keywords. They provide employment history and qualification details to identify the best candidates for the job. Some ATS systems even help you determine who you should hire and whom you should work with.

With the best applicant tracking systems for small companies, you can free yourself from the hassles of filing systems. This means you don’t need to stitch together spreadsheets and emails. Moreover, it also provides customizable collaboration tools that help you stay on the top.

Here are some ways in which an applicant tracking system for small business helps:

  • Save time in the recruitment process with automated job board postings, resume submission, and pre-screening.
  • Standardize the hiring process with specific metrics and access the list of previously successful applicants.
  • Head start employee retention with job applicant tracking software’s pre-screening features.
  • The best applicant tracking software increases employers’ social reach with its mobile functionality.
  • Reduce general recruitment-related costs and automate time-consuming tasks with an applicant tracking system for recruiters. It thus provides a cost-effective solution with improved cost per hire. 
  • Refine candidate experience by providing a positive hiring process with applicant tracking system software.
  • With real-time analytics and valuable insights into the recruiting process, ATS software helps you redefine employment metrics.
  • Centralize candidates in a single database, and easily filter and screen the right candidates.
  • Allocate different roles and responsibilities to the recruiting team. Let them add feedback to make the hiring process simple. 

Having known the benefits of applicant tracking system software, it is essential to understand why you should use it.

  • Time-Saving- The applicant tracking system for small businesses helps you automate the job board posting and resume submission. Thus, you don’t require filling the data manually into spreadsheets. With ATS systems, you can have all your candidates’ information on a single platform. Features like candidate screening help you save time spent on unqualified candidates.

  • Enhanced Efficiency- It enables you to manage and track incoming applicants easily. You can keep the data organized and make it accessible to the hiring team. Top ATS software will let you search the talent pool for candidates by several categories. For example, you can search them by skills, education, location, or more.  A job applicant tracking software also allows you to standardize the recruitment metrics. Thus, you can find the best candidates and make the right hiring decision.

  • Increased Productivity- Top applicant tracking systems offer a multitude of features and functionalities that boosts the recruiter’s productivity. This includes multiple job board postings, integrated email templates, interview scheduling, and more. ATS systems also promote hiring through team collaboration and social sharing. This again creates a positive impact and leads to better decision-making

  • Improved Quality of Hire- ATS systems help you automatically identify the candidates that best fit the job requirements. It even eliminates the unqualified candidates, thus improving the quality of hire. It will not only augment candidate experience but also impact your retention rate positively. With functionalities like reports and analytics, applicant tracking system software can help you monitor the recruitment metrics. You can also create reports for recruitment performance and identify where you unnecessarily spend time and the areas you need to improve.

  • Enhance Candidate Experience- Since the job market is candidate-oriented, it is a vital part of the recruitment process to provide a better candidate experience. Applicant tracking system software adds value to your recruitment process by making it more engaging. This will create a positive image of your company and also impact the candidates. Therefore, using the best applicant tracking software in recruitment process helps you strengthen your employer branding.

Here are some classy benefits of using an applicant tracking software for your business:

  • Top ATS software helps in reducing times spent on administrative tasks.
  • Best ATS software provides fast CV screen to fasten the process of hiring.
  • With top ATS software, you can post job postings on various third-party platforms and social media platforms.
  • Some of the most popular ATS software provides 3-level screening of CVs to make the process of hiring more effective.
  • In one way or another, ATS software solutions can emphasize your brand to the applicants.
  • ATS software solutions can suggest the right set of applicant according to the set expectations.
  • Most ATS software allow you to communicate with applicants on social platforms.
  • Best ATS software have a separate suite for hiring processes as well.

Online job postings have eased the way job seekers apply for jobs. Likewise, ATS systems manage the large applicant pool with a centralized recruitment management process.

Here are some key features that best applicant tracking systems for small companies incorporate:

  1. Multiple Job Board Access: ATS software should allow recruiters to post jobs on various job boards simultaneously. For this, it is essential for an ATS to have multiple job board access. With this feature, recruiters need not post the same job description on different job boards one by one. Thus, applicant tracking software for small business reduces redundancy and increases productivity.
  2. Candidate Screening: After sourcing, recruiters require screening the candidates for open positions. Now, going through thousands of resumes is neither feasible nor practical. If you have the top applicant tracking systems with candidate screening tools, it will scroll through the CVs and parse them in searchable format automatically. These tools also enable the recruiters to filter the entire database and fetch the relevant profiles. 
  3. Resume Parsing: One of the essential functionalities of the candidate applicant tracking system is its ability to find applicants based on the keywords entered by the recruiter. Therefore, ATS systems provide an exceptional search engine and resume parsing technology. With this, it extracts useful information from CVs and makes them searchable. An ATS with intelligent parser is not only capable of understanding the keyword but also the context of their usage. It can aid HR in better talent management
  4. Resume Storage: Each time when someone applies for the job position, their resume gets stored in the applicant tracking system for recruiters. Even after the position gets filled, the top ATS software holds onto all the applications. Recruiters can use this to hire additional employees or if they think the candidate would be a better fit for another position.
  5. Team Collaboration: When a candidate is going to work closely with a team, it is essential to choose the right one. With job applicant tracking software, team members can work together in the hiring process on a single platform. HR can easily share the CVs or applicant’s information with the colleagues, assign different roles to each team member, and also control who has access to which information. This can help the HR in the selection process.
  6. Interview Schedulers: With this feature, you can communicate with the applicants, ask them questions, and also schedule interviews. The applicant tracking system software automatically sends a reminder to you and the candidate before the interview starts. 
  7. Onboarding Tools: Once you hire a new employee, it is time to begin the onboarding process. If you leverage the best applicant tracking software, you can speed up the time for hiring and filling open positions. Many ATS systems welcome new employees and introduce them to the company. You can also add resource pages that explain the employee benefits and other relevant information. Here, the new joinee can fill the appropriate paperwork and ensure to be ready for his first day. 
  8. Reports & Analytics: You can enhance candidate experience using applicant tracking system and outsmart your business. So, see to it that your ATS vendor provide the top ATS software that provides recruitment metrics like time to hire, costings per hire, time to fill, and employee referral tracking.
  9. Mobile Friendly User Interface: If the candidates use mobile to search and apply for jobs, ATS should also enable you to do so. Applicant tracking system software with a mobile-friendly user interface provides ease of use. The candidates can complete the application process on the go. 
  10. Social Sharing: Social media can prove to be a helpful tool in the recruitment process. Many top applicant tracking systems offer options for social media sharing. Thus, you can easily share your job openings to multiple social media platform with just a single click. It makes your post reach more potential candidates and also enables them to apply directly from their desktops or smartphones

Here are some things you should know about the online applicant tracking system:

  • 98% of Fortune 500 companies use candidate applicant tracking systems to sort thousands of resume and pick the right candidates for interviews.
  • Most popular applicant tracking systems use “keyword” as one of the ways to sort from thousands of resumes.
  • Even though the best ATS software solutions use keywords to filter tons of resumes, they are designed wisely and they can differentiate when the keywords are genuinely used and when keywords are stuffed.
  • Job seekers can actually design their resumes according to online applicant tracking software to get better rankings in sorting.
  • Resume format is an important factor for most ATS solutions.
  • Best applicant tracking software look for major skills designated by the company, and based on that, they pick the best resumes.
  • Best candidate applicant tracking software also look at your social media profiles and display them to recruiters.
  • The process of sorting the right resumes by online applicant tracking software is almost similar to the process of Search Engine Optimization.

In this segment, we will be looking at the best applicant tracking software that most of Fortune 500 companies are using. These ATS solutions are trusted by the most famous brands of the world and carry the wide suite of features. Here is the list of applicant tracking software that we will discuss:

  1. Workday
  2. iCIMS
  3. BrassRing
  4. Taleo
  5. SilkRoad

Let’s understand the offerings from these ATS solutions and also know which Fortune 500 company is using it.

1. Workday

The first candidate applicant system is Workday that is accepted by so many good companies in the world. One of its clients is 3M - An American conglomerate. Workday is a recruiting system comprising of web based applicant tracking system with a lot of exciting features. Coca-cola is also among its list of most privileged clients. Here are some amazing features by this ATS:

  • It provides a centralized solution to staffing and managing multinational workforces.
  • It offers various features like candidate tracking, Internal HR, interview scheduling, resume parsing, resume searching and filtering, onboarding, etc. in terms of applicant tracking.
  • Workday has not a linear process, it is a configurable software.
  • You can design and execute your own way of workflow.
  • The online applicant tracking software is very flexible when it comes to modifications in the filtering process. So if you want to move forward any resume that is against your own automation, the ATS will allow it.
  • You can modify the candidate grid in the most preferred way you like.

2. iCIMS

Lying among the top applicant tracking software in the world, the second we have iCIMS used by Allstate - One of the biggest insurance companies in the world. iCIMS is a web based applicant tracking software providing a wide range of features. Let’s have a look at some of its features:

  • Searching and reporting functionalities
  • Manage communications with talent pools over social platforms simultaneously.
  • You can post job requirements and opening on third-party application by integrating your social accounts with the web based applicant tracking software.
  • Applicants can submit videos for better exposure of their skills or technical rounds of interviews.  
  • You can store endless resumes and files to maintain records for future references.
  • You can run employee referral programs for existing employees using the web based applicant tracking system itself.
  • You can automate email campaigns to send pre-designed emails to selected applicants for interview or other notifications.
  • Gives you entire matrix to track and evaluate the progress of the recruiting process.

3. BrassRing

Among the best applicant tracking systems, third we have is an ATS trusted by Lockheed Martin - An American Defence & Aerospace company. Here are some of the features provided by BrassRing’s cloud based applicant tracking system:

  • You can execute the behavioral assessment of applicants.
  • Allows you to analyze workforce data and offers conclusions.
  • Carries employee engagement surveys.
  • You can run marketing campaigns using this online applicant tracking system.
  • You can execute the onboarding process straight from the platform.
  • This web based applicant tracking software is offered by IBM and offers ease of use and simple implementation.

4. Taleo

Taleo is one of the most popular applicant tracking systems by Oracle. Taleo is trusted by many global brands including Nike - One of the world’s biggest sportswear manufacturers. Let’s have a look at some of the features that make it one of the best applicant tracking software in the world:

  • It’s a web based applicant tracking software, so recruiters are going to save a lot of money in the hiring process.
  • As the system run on the cloud, recruiters can access the details from anywhere and anytime. They don’t have to be dependent on a certain physical system.
  • The system has individual onboarding facilities for each employee to maintain the records.
  • Recruiters can post job openings on third-party platforms and social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook.
  • It has a strong suite of training for newbies and employees.

5. SilkRoad

SilkRoad is among the top applicant tracking software trusted by many multinational brands including United Natural Foods - One of the biggest Grocery store companies in the world. It is a cloud-based ATS designed to attract the right talent for recruiters. Here are some exciting offerings from SilkRoad:

  • Allows job posting on third-party platforms like, Indeed, Glassdoor, and Job Search.
  • The ATS allows recruiters to post jobs on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.
  • Recruiters can set up specific requirements and based on that the system will automatically sort the best resume.
  • Recruiters can search for the right candidate from the database using various filters and sorting options.

After looking at 5 of the best applicant tracking software, let’s look at some of the most affordable applicant tracking software for small business. These software have been listed among the top 10 applicant tracking systems by PCmag. Here we have the list of applicant tracking software best suited for small businesses and startups:

  1. BambooHR
  2. Zoho Recruit
  3. Workable
  4. Cezanne OnDemand

Let’s look at each of these ats solutions and understand why small businesses should choose them. All of these 4 ATSs are available in affordable pricing and best suited for small businesses.

1. BambooHR

Ranking first on top 10 applicant tracking systems by PCmag, here we have a perfect option for small businesses - BambooHR. It is a software specifically designed for small and medium scale businesses with many exciting features.

As a recruiter, you’ll get all the basic features with an interactive and clean user interface. The software has a clean design and there are no questions about the performance. If you’re using another software for your HR and payroll purposes, BambooHR has an OpenAPI that allows you to integrate with your current tool.

BambooHR gathers every feature that you need as a recruiter like filtering and sorting resumes, posting job ads on social and third-party platforms, conduct email campaigns, etc. It is truly one of the best applicant tracking systems for small business. BambooHR is also a great applicant tracking software for staffing agencies since the entire focus of the business is on finding the right talent for their clients.

2. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is our second pick for the best applicant tracking system for small business. Because of its affordable pricing structure, even for the highest packages, we have found it to be a great option for small businesses and agencies.

Securing space among the best ATS software solutions, Zoho recruits offers various features like job listing & data input, social dashboard, and integration with Zoho ecosystem, easy integrations with other products from Zoho suite, resume filtering and sorting, and many more.

If you already have used any of the Zoho products, you should definitely go for Zoho Recruit as it will add more value to your database and increase the level of comfort with your data management.

3. Workable

One of the finest qualities of Workable is that - it has been developed in such a way that every type of business can use this product whether it’s a small agency or a giant enterprise. It is a focused applicant tracking system offering every essential feature that a recruiter needs.

Workable comes with a customizable interface best suited for every kind of users. For a recruiter, it is the easiest system to learn in a very short time because every element is placed very mindfully.

You can check the progress of any applicant or opening from left to right. There are separate tabs to manage jobs, manage applications, filtered candidates, etc. You can clearly see the progress of your recruitment with Workable. Needless to say, you can post jobs on third-party platforms and socials.

Just like BambooHR, Workable is a great applicant tracking software for staffing agencies because of its mindful pricing for small businesses.

4. Cezanne OnDemand

The last on the list we have is a moderate level ATS for businesses that need basic features with affordable pricing. Small and medium-sized businesses with a limited budget can rely on Cezanne OnDemand to get things done.

You will not find extra features of human resource just like those high-end ATSs, but you’ll find every feature that you need to find the right employee for your business. Cezanne may be included among the top ATS software solutions, but it is string ATS dedicatedly designed according to small business needs.

It covers all the basic features like personal directories, files, supports multiple languages and currencies, etc. The software is not designed to handles thousands of employees, but it is clearly designed to manage a few hundred employees of a small business.

Now we have landed in a section where you can understand how to choose the right ATS for your company. As we have covered a long list of top ATS software, it can be intimidating to choose the right one for your business.

  • Define Your Needs: As we have covered some of the best ATS software solutions in the world, still not every system will fit your business. To make the right choice, you need to figure out what exactly are your needs. Do you need advanced automation features? Do you need advanced analytics to track every data? What are the expected number of employees are you planning to hire? What is the expected period for constant hiring?

And asking some more logical questions like that, you have to ask the final question.

What is my budget for choosing the ATS?

  • Customizable Workflow: The best ATS software for your company is the software that runs according to your need. And for that, ATS should allow you to design your own customized workflow. By doing this, you will design a process that works according to your company rules and culture.
  • Analytics: One of the most important features any ATS can offer is advanced analytics that shows the status of your recruiting process. With the analytics, you can measure your recruiting progress and make the necessary changes.
  • Integrations: In the hiring process, you will feel the need to connect your system with various other platforms whether it’s a third party job portal or social media platforms. Without integration facilities, you will stretch your work and eventually hamper your productivity.

Basically, any ATS that can work according to your needs and offer time-saving features is the best ATS software for your business. Remember this one more time: you are not looking for the most popular ATS software solutions you are looking for the right one.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • An applicant tracking system is mainly used by companies to process job applications. It automates the entire recruiting process — from the scanning of resumes to hiring candidates.
  • Yes, applicant tracking systems can read PDF files along with doc and docx as well.
  • To get past the ATS, you need to focus on skill-based keywords and remove generic information from your database.
  • With the help of an ATS, you can effectively manage the on-boarding and recruitment process, schedule job postings, etc.
  • Open source ATS is available for free. It mostly ranges between $4-$7 per month for pay-per-employee. For pay-per-recruiter, it can cost around $60-$100 per month per user.
  • Don’t use fancy fonts, include separate sections of experience and skills, and avoid putting any graphics or tables.
  • Applicant Tracking Software can help by providing a convenient and automated approach to handling applicants in the recruiting process.
  • The three simple steps to choose the right ATS are:

    1. Fit the needs of your requirement.
    2. Find the perfect tool which can upgrade your recruitment process.
    3. Choose a partner for your organization instead of choosing a provider.
  • The best ATS system will always help you with the following points in your recruitment process:

    • Grace up your ongoing hiring process.
    • Increase the quality of your candidates.
    • Combine your assessments with your applicant tracking system.
    • Allow the candidates and administrators with mobile access.
    • It helps you in selecting the best candidate.
    • Reduces the time for filing the position.
    • It helps you improve the culture and environment of the organization.
    • Increase the experience of the applicant and the customer.
    • Helps in easy employee referrals.
  • Yes, to your surprise, some of the available records from the system can be deleted quickly. Set a data detention period with an expiry date; this will automatically delete the data from the system after the expiry date. It also lets you physically delete or export movable candidate profiles or unnecessary data. Once the data is deleted, this candidate data will no longer be able to be accessed on your reports, and also you could not be able to retain it anywhere else. The data, which has been deleted once, will be anonymized and would be removed from all records, databases, and online systems.
  • The maximum limit for a trial account of an Applicant Tracking System is 14 days. This 14 days trial package helps the recruiters to find and manage the best talent, with a maximum number of results in the least time possible. There are no obligations and just the free trial. Moreover, no credit card info is required to start your free trial version. The free trial version will allow its users to try all the essential features of the Advanced version, like posting the job opportunity, reviewing all the applications of the applicants, updating the various social media statuses and notes, and also contacting the applicants.
  • Yes, the resume can be imported into the system from my PC, but it is a complicated process and needs the guidance and consultancy of software experts.

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