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List of Top Apparel, Garment and Footwear Software in 2020

Finding the best Apparel, Garment & Footwear Software for your business is now faster and easier! Compare prices, reviews, features, and get free consultation to find the perfect software.

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What is Apparel, Garment & Footwear Management Software?

Apparel Management Software

Apparel management software helps streamline all processes related to managing an apparel business, right from placing the order to preparing an invoice and maintaining the inventory in an automated system. 

Hence, all the day-to-day activities can be automated to optimize your business' growth. You can even keep a tab on the shipping speed and status.

Garment Management Software

Garment management software helps manage inventory and the stock of garments. It helps track the non-moving or the slow-moving items and helps get the best supplier deals along with designing lucrative discount schemes to get new customers on board. Billing and invoicing is also so convenient with a garment management system.

Footwear Management Software

Footwear management software helps footwear businesses to efficiently manage their POS (point-of-Sales) activities, inventory, billing/invoicing, as well as retail accounting. 

It also helps them keep a tab on their stocks and run analytical reports to boost their sales. Right from placing the order to its fulfillment, everything can be handled hassle-free with the help of this software.

Benefits of Using Apparel, Garment & Footwear Management Software

An ERP for the fashion industry provides several benefits for your apparel, garment, or footwear business to grow and result in a higher ROI. However, each of these software programs might help you differently with your requirements. Let's talk about it in detail.

Benefits of Apparel & Garment Software in the Fashion Industry

  • Brings together all aspects of the business, from conceptualization and manufacturing to accounting and sales

  • Garments inventory management system helps centralize all data in one place, hence cuts down on overall costs

  • Helps provide the right statistics and the right analytical tools for better decision-making on production lines as well as raw materials sourcing and the final revenues

  • Enables better integration with email, calling, and other communication platforms

  • 24X7 availability of the platform for the users, thus more flexibility 

  • Helps in hassle-free inventory management

  • The garment management system aids in smoother ledger and payment management. 

  • Bill modifications and discount schemes can be adjusted with the greatest ease with the help of an efficient apparel management system

  • Management can monitor the production line progress in the shortest time with the help of on-demand and scheduled reports ready in a jiffy

  • Fashion Management software is a highly scalable solution for all apparent and garment-related requirements; it grows with your business's growth.

  • More and quicker query management means higher customer satisfaction; this is especially applicable for the sales team who need to have real-time access to the project progress and updates

  • Lesser redundancies happen when processes are automated and involve minimal manual intervention

Benefits for Deploying Robust Footwear Management Software

  • An automated software provides enhanced real-time visibility of the inventory so businesses can handle customer demands better

  • Warehousing is more efficient when inventory is more organized, and better quality controls can be applied

  • An excellent footwear management software helps categorize the footwear products more strategically for the ease of the customers

  • Variants like color, size, fabric, are readily displayed to boost sales

  • Better discount schemes can be offered in the form of combo schemes and can be highlighted to attract more customers

  • Loyalty programs can be specially designed to retain older customers and attract new ones

  • An ERP software is seamlessly integrated with payment platforms that offer multiple payment modes like cash on delivery, card, online wallets, etc

  • One customizable template makes for a ready-to-use solution and is quick to deploy

  • A diligent footwear management software also comes with a feature to check fraudulent user data or activities attempted on the platform

  • Enhanced embedded analytics helps in better forecasting and reporting

  • Multi-language and the multi-currency functionality is a big plus for reaching across geographies

  • Customer support adds to overall customer satisfaction

Features of Apparel, Garment & Footwear Management Software

When you finally decide to get any of these software systems to help your apparel, garment or footwear business to thrive, the next thing you will need to work on in what are your requirements and what to look for in a software.

We present to you some key features of each of these segmented software systems to help you match the right features with your business requirements.

Key Features of Apparel Management Software

  • Inventory Management

  • Sales forecasting and tracking

  • Finance tracking

  • Cost control

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Invoicing

  • Document Management

  • Analytics and Reporting

  • Real-time information

  • Enhanced integration with financial and distribution platforms

  • Multi-currency, multi-language support

  • Data security

Key Features of Garment Management Software

  • Price Listing, Discount schemes

  • Invoicing

  • Warehouse Management

  • Analytics and Reporting

  • Purchase Order Management

  • Barcode Printing

  • Document Management

  • Receipt/Payment

  • Export Invoicing

  • MIS Reports – Cash Flow, Ratio Analysis, Gross Profit, Expenses, Finances, etc

  • Supply Chain Management

Key Features of Footwear Management Software

  • Customer relation management 

  • Discount schemes

  • Loyalty programs

  • Inventory Management

  • Sales tracking

  • Item categorization (color, size, price, fabric)

  • Faster Billing

  • Fast Check out

  • Financial accounting

  • Intuitive GUI

  • Scalable for future growth

  • Stock Availability check at POS

  • Salesperson commission

  • Replenishment feature

  • Barcode printing

  • Analytics and Reporting

  • SKU classification

  • SKU tracking

  • Brand Management

Why Switch to an ERP Software for Your Apparel, Garment, or Footwear Business?

Best apparel management software provides the best results for your thriving business as, respectively, so will it to your garment or footwear business. You don't have to worry about going through piles of paperwork and products to organize them and categorize them. Here's why we think you should make the switch now:

1. Collaboration

A sound apparel management system brings resources and data closer to the same platform. Data can be reused for analytics and can be shared across multiple devices and geographies.

2. Enhanced productivity

Redundant work and slow processes can be made more efficient with efficient garment management software.

3. Improved query management

With a responsive apparel management system, customer queries can be handled and replied to in a faster manner by the sales and HR team.

4. Boost in sales

With better cost analysis and enhanced customer relationship management techniques, sales see a tremendous jump. 

5. Streamlined financial accounting

Garment management software ensures that Accounts Payable and Receivable and Ledger Management are all integrated into one platform to produce automated G/L postings.

6. Order management is made easy

Right from placing of order to its fulfillment, the automated garment management software (and footwear as well) runs on its own.

7. No more worrying about inventory

Sufficient stocks available at the right moment happens without any manual intervention, so the customer isn't disappointed with their desired item's unavailability.

8. Better business

With automated footwear management software, the growing sector has benefited by leaps and bounds. It has not only made categorization and cataloging easier but has resulted in higher ROI.

9. Manufacturing without liabilities

ERP platform has remarkably reduced manual intervention related to the manufacturing process, thus reducing burdens.

10. Easy Access

With 24X 7 availability of the garment management system, users can log in from anywhere and from any device. 

The apparel industry can be chaotic to manage with the infinite number of tools and workforce involved. Deploying the best apparel management software or an ERP of garment or footwear helps your business, small or established, to meet the demands and to foresee and forecast them. 

Business processes like raw material procurement, quality control, sales forecast, payroll management, plant management, and cost forecast have all been seamlessly brought together on one platform courtesy ERP software

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