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What is Antivirus Software?

Antivirus Software is a software that is designed basically to detect and destroy the computer viruses. A virus may include anything from malicious Softwares to deadly viruses which can cause a threat to system in any way. To be protected from these types of programs which are threat to the system, anti virus software was developed.

These Softwares are also developed according to the needs of the user. Not all the antivirus programs are created equally. The main component of best antivirus softwares for pc is the detection engine. The vendors of the antivirus continuously change the definitions for the engines and will occasionally push an update according to the change in the behaviours of the different viruses.

Features of Antivirus Software

Antivirus programs come in several "flavours".  The more resource intensive it is, the slower it will make the machine, but the more machine will be protected. Following are the various types available in the market:

  • Non-resident Antivirus - You manually scan files.  This is the least resource intensive, but also the least effective.
  • Resident Antivirus - Looks at all file accesses on your hard drive. Resource usage is moderate and provides reasonable protection.
  • Internet Security - Looks at all traffic both inbound and outbound on the machine.  Looks at all file accesses on your hard drive.  It is most resource intensive.

Let us have a look on some of the points that must be taken care of regarding the functionalities of the antivirus software.

  1. Examine specific files or directories for any malware or malicious patterns.
  2. Permit you to initiate a scan of a particular record or of your PC, or of a CD at any time.
  3. Antivirus program alerts you when a program is trying to access your PC that are harmless or download voluntarily.
  4. Outbound email protection
  5. Instant messaging protection
  6. Pop up blocking
  7. Identity theft protection

Software Usability:

The antivirus that is being used in a corporate office is typically more "lightweight" than the ones used in home environments and they are usually a Resident Antivirus.  It is very common for there to be other security in place on a corporate network including border inspection, group policies, and network traffic analysis which enables some of the roles of the Antivirus to be off-loaded to other devices.

Points to Ponder before choosing antivirus software:

  • Price: Good, reliable options are available in market where you can download & install free virus protection software. People opting for such route, however first confirm that best antivirus software comes from a reputable developer & download source. For those who want advanced forms of supplemental protection features & threat detections, purchasing computer antivirus softwares could be worth the money. Find top 10 antivirus software for your PC, MAC, Android etc.
  • Level Of protection: The protection level depends on your individual needs & inclinations. A few individuals might simply need basic antivirus programming with fundamental level protection, while others may look for one with increased security. Just note the protection level corresponds to the price of the software.

If you are confused what is best and up-to-date internet security software, then get our expert help to select the right computer antivirus softwares. Always have best and up-to-date security software installed to protect your windows of PC, laptops & smartphones.

What does antivirus software do?

As the name suggests, antivirus software protects your device from viruses, malware, keyloggers, browser hijackers, trojans, ransomware, etc. threats. These threats are capable of deleting or extracting data from your device, which may result in a troublesome experience. Hence the concept of antivirus programs is quite well-known and imperative nowadays.

This type of software is designed to diagnose, alert user, and eliminate viruses from any device. The software continually runs in the background and looks for malicious patterns and neutralizes them. Moreover, you can also demand a scan from the software to see what’s bothering the device.

A virus is a compiled program similar to the antivirus software. However, viruses are programmed to harm or crash your system. Viruses execute in the same order as they are a series of commands; as a result, they leave a signature. That means when it propagates from one device to another, it executes in the same order and thus identified, this came to be a signature.

The computer antivirus software is designed to check for such signatures. Generally, the software contains a database of signature of all the identified viruses. So, running in the background, it checks every executable file against the database and alerts/blocks if a match shows up. However, every day, someone is taking the virus and altering the commands slightly as per their requirements. This results in the change of virus signature and the introduction of new malware in the software world.

As revealed in a survey by the FBI, big businesses lose a tremendous $12 million annually due to virus problems. It is now clear that updating the software frequently is very important. In fact, an outdated computer antivirus software is as good as not having one at all.

What is the use of antivirus software?

Antivirus and security software implications have different ways. However, the principle doesn’t change, antivirus and security software does what it says but for different types of malware. The software employs defenses against viruses, worms, trojans, bots, and ransomware. Apparently, antivirus and security software can be designed to encounter different types of malware in different ways.

  • Phishing Attacks: Nowadays, people are always under a threat of identity theft through the plantation of bots or browser hijackers; this is called ‘Phishing.’ Nuisance like this is set off by the use of an antivirus and security software. Besides, it is crucial to prevent identity theft because once compromised, your identity credentials are helping to commit more cyber-crimes. Such use of your identity can put you in unwanted situations.
  • Data Retention: If you are governing a business, then there can be extremely important files, records, and information in your computers. To lose these files/data can throw a serious issue on the company. At this stage, if there is a computer antivirus software installed on your system, the calamity is prevented, even retention of lost data is possible.
  • Extra defenses for device life increment: It is evident that basic computer antivirus software deals with the effects of any virus. Although frequent virus attacks cost your computer, a loss in the lifetime, i.e., your computer gradually deteriorates. So, the importance of placing extra defenses on your system is utmost. An antivirus package can be helpful here, as they contain more efficient defense mechanisms compared to the free ones.
  • Saving you money: A best antivirus software download may cost you some amount of money, but it is saving you almost $100,000. Yes, that is the average amount demanded by the ransomware if it successfully encrypts your data. So, having a computer antivirus software installed will prevent your computer from a ransomware attack.
  • Password Protection: Now that internet banking and cloud-software are trending, users have a lot of accounts and passwords to take care of, which in general are present somewhere on the computer. It is evident that a virus having access to your computer will have access to these passwords also. Now, this is a severe situation; the passwords can be from your banking credential to social media accounts. So, their vulnerability is the highest concern, and the best antivirus software for pc will restrict access for any virus to your password. Thus, ensuring the highest security.
  • Automatic Protection Scans: The best antivirus software for pc will allow you to configure the scheduling of threat scans. That is, you don’t have to go and keep checking that antivirus is doing its job or not. The automated scans will conduct a threat scan repeatedly on the time interval you set, and show pop-up results for your convenience.

What is the purpose of antivirus software?

Whenever one searches ‘best antivirus software download’ on the internet, there is a tonne of offers piled on the computer screen. But, you can only choose the right one if you are well aware of the purpose of having a computer antivirus software.

There are a lot of preferences for antivirus and security software like a resident antivirus or cloud-based, and then there are windows antivirus software, Linux or some other OS compatible antivirus. But, the whole purpose of having a computer antivirus software is to keep your computer safe. To do that, the software must secure all the aspects of security. Now, having said that, it is vital to state that the elements of safety include the on-device virus scanning and internet security. This is because most of the malware propagates through the internet into your device.

The best antivirus for PC will comprise of antivirus properties with a firewall. Yes, most of the primary software leave it out, but a firewall is essential. As the purpose of antivirus is all-round protection of your device, the inclusion of a firewall is the final layer for an internet security antivirus software. There can be other layers of security, like a two-sided firewall to protect WiFi and Internet threats. However, the definition of purpose for antivirus and security software is changing continuously. Software today has started to include features like parental control and clean-up assistance. Traits like these act like an extra layer of protection.

The protection purpose is not only limited to PCs and mobiles, but it also extends to your home. Yes, you read it correctly, the trend nowadays is ‘smart home’ which is nothing but IoT(Internet of Things). So, the smart devices in your home right from the door lock to your personal locker connects through the internet. Evidently, the security of your house is vulnerable to malware. Here, internet security antivirus software serves the protection purpose. Howsoever, the significance of the software is not something to be taken lightly.

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