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Best Automatic Call Distribution software

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ACD Software Buyer's Guide


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What is An Automatic Call Distribution Software?

Automatic call distribution software is a call routing software that helps direct incoming calls to the appropriate representatives based on pre-defined business rules. These business rules could include several parameters such as call volume, wait time, incoming phone number, etc. It redirects the call to the right executive (or department) to resolve the customer issue.

Features of An Automatic Call Distribution Software

An automatic call distribution software can impact the productivity and efficiency of the call center agents. The following are some key features of the software:

Features of An Automatic Call Distribution Software

1. Customized Call Routing

Call routing within the call center is a key aspect to help improve the efficiency and productivity of the agents working within a call center. Call routing ensures employees do not get overwhelmed with calls beyond their capacity. It is also essential to ensure customer satisfaction by directing the right set of customer complaints to agents equipped to handle these complaints.

2. IVR with Smart Directory

Another aspect of customers who dial in to call centers is that many of these queries are often preliminary. You can address them with simple steps without any human intervention. Directing customers through the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature of automatic call distribution software can save the user time and costs.

3. Call Queuing

In cases where the call volume is larger than the available number of agents to handle these calls, the call queuing comes into play. It ensures that customers are put on a queue while keeping them engaged via customized messages during the on-hold time. This helps reduce customer anxiety while on wait. Besides, it assures that every customer issue will be addressed once an agent is available.

4. Queue Callback

Sometimes a customer may not be willing to wait in the queue for a long period. Queue callback provides customers the option to have the next available agent call them back. This feature enhances the customer experience by freeing them from spending more time waiting on the call.

5. VIP Callers

For every business, certain customers are considered to be more valuable than most others. Resolving any issues that these customers may have is paramount for the business. Automatic call distribution software comes with VIP caller identification, ensuring that these customers face minimal wait time and have their issues resolved quickly.

6. Blacklist Numbers

On the other end of the spectrum, call centers receive many calls from spam callers or bots. The blacklist feature enables the call center to filter out these numbers and ensures that the agents are used to cater to real customer issues that need their attention. It also helps move these customers faster through the queue.

7. CRM Integration

Customers usually call in with issues that need agents to take notes, requests, or make data entries. Having the company CRM integrated with the automatic call distribution software helps reduce the complexity of the tasks and improves the turnaround time for customer inquiries and requests.

Benefits of Automatic Call Distribution Software

With the help of a well-integrated automatic call distribution system, a business can avail of several benefits. The key benefits are:

Benefits of Automatic Call-Distribution Software

1. Improved Customer Experience

The prime purpose of call centers is to improve the customer experience. Customers are not patient and often not great at expressing their queries or questions. Still, the company's single wrong foot can make the customer feel like they are not valued and tarnish the image to a customer. Automatic call distribution software ensures that, at the very least, the customer is heard. If utilized well, the software can improve the odds of resolution of the customer complaint. Ensuring that customers are not on hold too long, providing the agents with the relevant material to tackle a complaint, and guiding the user to the right department via IVR go a long way in improving customer experience.

2. Metrics for Data-based Strategy

Answering customer calls effectively is still only a part of the problem resolution. Ensuring customers never call back by analyzing the data generated through these calls is another key benefit. Repeat issues can be tracked and proactively addressed by the business before more users face the same issues. The data can also be used to track the effectiveness of the call center and individual agents. Managers can get more input in terms of agent performance via average call times, hold times, percentage of issues resolved, etc. to rate employee performances and reposition them to get the best out of their skills and experience.

3. Improved Call Coaching and Mentoring

Not all calls are the same. Some calls can take the agents back because of the tone of the customer or the sheer complexity of an issue. Automated call distribution systems, however, can help agents to prepare better for such issues. They can coach the agents better and equip them to handle future complex issues.

Types of Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Systems

Depending on the business's need, ACD systems can follow one of the following algorithms to improve efficiency and customer experience. Based on call distribution methods, here are different ACD systems:

Types of Automatic Call Distribution Systems

1. Fixed Order

As the name suggests, fixed order ACD systems route calls to agents as per a pre-defined order. As per this mechanism, calls will get routed in the same order, and agents will only receive a call after the agent in line before they have been assigned a call. ACD software that uses this algorithm is used at call centers where the calls are large, and most calls follow a similar theme or pattern. Fixed order ACD systems are also effective in prioritizing certain agents over others.

2. Simultaneous Distribution

Simultaneous distribution ACD systems enable calls to ring for all agents simultaneously until an agent answers that call. The first agent to pick up the call handles it. This particular ACD system is utilized when customer response time is not the most important metric. Also, this algorithm is helpful when all calls are similar or generic, and there is no priority or preference between agents.

3. Time-based Routing

Most call centers face the issue of not having all agents available all the time. Agents can have varying times to take breaks, lunch, etc. This is where time-based routing ACD systems are helpful. Agents can set times for availability and have calls routed to them accordingly. If used effectively, time-based ACD systems can help improve productivity. 

Factors to Consider While Investing In Automatic Call Distribution Software

Businesses should check for the following factors to ensure that they can get the most out of their software:

Factors-to-Consider-While-Investing-In-Automatic-Call Distribution Software

1. Multiple Rule-based Routing Mechanisms

Businesses need to ensure that they can use the same software for multiple types of call routing instead of having to spend on separate licenses for each case. This way, a business can benefit by using the appropriate routing mechanism depending on the complexity of the issue, the user profile, or call volume entering the call center on any given day.

2. Easy-to-use Interface for Agents

Having a simple and easy-to-understand interface is critical to ensure that agents can get the best out of the software.

3. Easy Integration with Existing Backend Systems

The software should be modular and easy to integrate with the existing system and any future systems that may be added (or changed) to the back end as the company grows.

Latest Market Trends

ACD systems and software are constantly evolving to meet the growing expectations of customers. The following are some market shifts that businesses are experiencing concerning automatic call distribution software:

Latest Market Trends in ACD Software

1. A Growing Need for Personalized Routing

The entire world is moving towards personalization, and ACD software is no exception. Providing users with a tailor-made experience seems to be the growing trend in this market.

2. Continuity Call Routing

Users do not like to explain themselves whenever they need to have an issue resolved, especially when a call is transferred between agents. Having provisions to equip agents with the right information before conversing with the user is a step in the right direction for ACD software.

3. Sales Accelerating Routing

When users are at the point of making a purchase, businesses do not want to make them wait any further. Stitching the sales cycle directly to call center journeys is another key improvement to the software available today. Automatic call distribution software is a way to improve customer satisfaction, productivity, and efficiency of the call center. Having the agents equipped with the right software can help them address customer issues the first time and leave a positive image on the disgruntled customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • The cost of a high-quality Automatic Call Distribution software depends on the number of unique and sophisticated features it offers. You need to contact the vendor for pricing details.
  • Free ACD software is free to download. The vendors of free ACD software make money using SIP connector, outbound calls, and phone number rental. Open source ACD software, on the other hand, enables you to modify and customize its functions as per your needs. It can also be easily integrated with the already existing software solutions in your organization. Additionally, open-source ACD software is ideal for businesses that are security-conscious and want highly secure solutions for their business.

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